A&P Care

Dr. Syed Zaidi, MD

Adult and Child Psychiatrist 

About Syed

Syed Zaidi, MD, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with additional qualifications in Addiction Psychiatry. As the CEO and Medical Director of Addiction and Psychiatric Care LLC, Dr. Zaidi is committed to providing residents of Pinellas Park, Florida, and the surrounding area with the best in substance abuse and mental health care. He also provides Psychiatric and Addiction treatment services at Operation PAR Detox Facility, and Windmoor Healthcare System. 


Dr. Zaidi completed his Psychiatric training at MHC – New York Medical College and training in Addiction Psychiatry at NSUH – New York University School of Medicine.


In previous employment, Dr. Zaidi worked as a Medical Director of the FACT team and Safe Havens at Boley Centers. Through his vision and combined efforts, he helped to rehabilitate homeless individuals suffering from addiction and mental illnesses. He also worked as a Medical Director of Mental Health Intensive Case Management at Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, where along with treating patients with serious mental illness, he was involved in the teaching and training of medical students and psychiatry residents. He also provided Consultation and Liaison services at Palms of Pasadena Hospital, St. Petersburg General Hospital, Northside Hospital, and Largo Medical Center.


Dr. Zaidi firmly believes that drugs and alcohol are rarely isolated. They go hand in hand with co-occurring disorders, like anxiety, depression, trauma-related disorders, and eating disorders, to name just a few. He addresses these issues together with substance abuse and provides evidence-based, holistic, comprehensive, and personalized behavioral healthcare to his patients, with the involvement of their families because “patient is the family and the family is the patient.”