I really liked my first visit with Dr. Zaidi. I know he will definitely help me with my mental illness. Plus I liked my visit with Tammy.
EDWARD D. | Aug 19, 2022
Working with Tammy.Everything is ALWAYS Perfect
BARRY Y. | Aug 19, 2022
I met Dr. zaidi Today. Very nice and knowledgeable man. I’m look forward to working with him in my desperate time of need. I liked him immediately and had great options if I am in need of emergency care.
JEANETTE S. | Aug 18, 2022
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Zaidi and the whole staff. I am very happy that I was treated so well. Everyone there is extremely nice and friendly. Also Dr.Zaidi is just a wonderful doctor who I found to subscribe my Suboxone. He is extremely patient and understanding. Thank You Samantha Belk
Samantha B. | Aug 18, 2022
Dr.Zaidi is a wonderful Psychiatrist! He treats you with respect and kindness. He is also very knowledgeable about what medications that are the best for each patient individually. I am a new patient and am so very happy that I have finally found a Psychiatrist who will listen to what is happening with your life and what is the best plan for you. With Warm Regards. Samantha Belk
Samantha B. | Aug 17, 2022
Yes my experience was wonderful today I had a great talk with Tammy she is a great doctor she's very prompt when calling me and very understanding of me and I appreciate you guys very much for all you do for me
KIMBERLY O. | Aug 16, 2022
A patient for more than a month or so, all of the staff has been very nice to me and listen to my problems and Tammy is very patient and caring, I feel very comfortable with her, expressing my pass and present situations. I don't have enough tongues to thank
Bonnie R. | Aug 16, 2022
Dr Zaidi and his entire staff are the best. Tammy,Dwan and Jessica are all extremely professional. I would highly recommend.
MICHAEL C. | Aug 13, 2022
I left my first appointment feeling that I am in very capable and caring hands. The level of professionalism was excellent. The staff exhibited warmth and a genuine interest in my well being.
ERIN H. | Aug 11, 2022
Dr Zaidi is very caring. I feel very comfortable with him. Jennifer is wonderful!! Easy to talk to. The staff are kind and accommodating!
Donna W. | Aug 07, 2022
MARTA G. | Aug 04, 2022
just one wonderful person after another. dr zaidi is a very bright and caring gentleman. i’m hopeful!
Damian A. | Aug 03, 2022
Mental Health Treatment and substance abuse treatment by Suboxone/Subutex/Vivitrol and Psychotherapy for adults and children is provided by a borad-certified psychiatrist and our team in-office and via telehealth.